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Social Studies

The Cherokee County School District Social Studies curriculum prepares students to become participating citizens of a democratic society in an increasingly interdependent world. Through social studies education students should acquire a continuing interest in their society; develop a respect for the dignity and worth of all persons; and achieve the depth of understanding and loyalty to democratic ideas and the skills necessary to accept responsibilities and rights of citizenships.

Three (3.0) units of credit are required in social studies to graduate; one (1.0) unit in United States History, one (1.0) unit in World History, one-half (0.5) unit in American Government, and one-half (0.5) unit in Economics.


Content Area

Arrowood, Megan

World History, AP World History

Blankinship, Michelle

US History, Honors US History

Gibson, Craig


Hendrix, Allison

World History

Jansen, Angelique


Major, Colt

AP World History, Economics

Maselli, Joe

Economics, AP Economics


US History, Honors US History

Murdock, Jarrett

World History

Oertley, Nathan


Pannell, Angela

US History in Film, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology

Rosser, Katie

Honors World History

Kuglin, Heather

Government, AP Government

Smith, Mitchell

US History, Government

Sosebee, Ben

AP US History, AP Psychology

Stamey, Brian

World History

Stringfellow, Thomas

AP Human Geography

Veihman, Joe (Dept. Head)

US History

Wiggins, Bobby

US History, Economics

King, Dawson (Student Teacher)