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Welcome to the Science Department, a hub of exploration, discovery, and intellectual curiosity. Our department is dedicated to fostering a deep understanding of the natural world and the scientific principles that govern it.  Our curriculum goes beyond traditional teaching methods by incorporating ADI, a dynamic framework that places critical thinking, collaborative exploration, and evidence-based reasoning at the heart of scientific learning.

*** New Course!!!!

We are excited to introduce a new subject to our curriculum for the 2023-24 term: Genetics. This course offers a comprehensive exploration of genetic principles while delving into the world of biotechnological advancements, where scientific discovery meets real-world applications. You'll explore the intricacies of DNA, the blueprint of life, and uncover the mysteries behind the diversity and unity of all living organisms. 


For graduation, students shall earn at least four (4) units of credit in laboratory based science courses consisting of one (1) unit of a Physical Science or Physics, one (1) unit of Biology, one (1) unit of either Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science or an AP course and one (1) additional science unit. The fourth science unit may be used to meet both the science and elective requirements.

Teacher                                                   Courses Taught Email Address
Emily Allen Physical Science
Robin Barnhorn Environmental Science, Biology
Lisa Brooks Environmental Science
Melissa Bentley Biology
Charlie Buck AP Physics 1, Physics
Melissa Clarke Zoology, Forensic Science
Chris Curtiss Biology
Kyle Davis Chemistry, Physical Science
Maxine Ezell Astronomy
Morgan Flint Biology, Environmental Science
Jodi Hall Honors Human Anatomy, Human Anatomy, Chemistry
Korina Hoopes Physical Science, Environmental Science
Jamie Gray Physical Science, Biology
Tracie Johnson Honors Chemistry, Chemistry
Nicole Mastriforte Biology, Astronomy
Cole Marsh Physical Science
Angela Mentzel Environmental Science
Connie Nelson Environmental Science, Biology

Lynette Okenica

Environmental Science, Astronomy
Thomas Latimer Environmental Science
Jill O'Leary Environmental Science, Physical Science
Bridget Owensby Biology, Astronomy
Lori Pangburn *Department Head AP Biology, Honors Biology, Genetics
Kellie Phillips Astronomy
Wesley Queen Honors Physics, AP Physics C, Mechanics, AP Physics C
Mark Segall Forensic Science,  AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry
Rachel Sheldon Environmental Science, AP Environmental Science
Kayla Staton Biology
Alicia Tamayo Biology
Bethany Thomas Physical Science
Sarah Thornley Astronomy
Candace Ward Environmental Science
Brandt Webster Chemistry, Physics
Riley Wildeman Biology, Environmental Science
Karel Yokley Biology