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Physical Education/Health

CHS PE Department

The Cherokee County School District’s Health and Physical Education curriculum provides a developmentally appropriate and comprehensive experience in health and physical education that is essential for meeting the diverse needs of all students. A quality health and physical education program will foster the development of motor skills, physical fitness, emotional strength, maturity, values, healthful decision-making and the pursuit of lifelong health and fitness.   Participation in daily health and physical education is an integral and inseparable part of the total K-12 educational experience.

Health…Matt Debes, Jason McDaniel, Tagan Berglund, Tyler Sands, Jeff Joiner

Health education is designed to familiarize students with basic concepts in health emphasizing the topics of mental health, communicable disease, STD's HIV and AIDS, the challenges of parenting, physical abuse, CPR and breathing emergencies, alcohol and drug abuse, driving in relationship to drugs and alcohol (ADAP), eating disorders and healthy food choices, stress, family, and relationships.

·       Tutoring is set with individual teachers by student or parent request.

Personal Fitness…Tagan Berglund, Tonya Carlisle, Nick Hammonds, Josh Thomas, Jason McDaniel

Personal Fitness is a required class for graduation.  Students will participate in fitness assessment and developmentally appropriate health-related fitness activities.  Students will use fitness assessment results to establish individual goals for all five health-related fitness components.  Students will train to attain their fitness goals.

Team Sports…Sharon Swanson, Davis Harvey, Josh Thomas, Nick Hammonds

Team Sports allows students the opportunity to participate in a wide range of Sports & Activities.  Participation, positive attitude, team work, and increase in fitness level are encouraged to all students.

Weight Training…Brett O’Buck, Jeff Joiner, Davis Harvey, 

The weight training classes are a student’s introduction into weight room procedures, safety, execution, and prescription.  Students will be introduced to a wide array of resistance training exercises through the 3 phases of training (hypertrophy, strength, and power).  Students will work all body parts during the week working in different intensities and planes to enhance strength, body mass index and self-image.


Teacher                                                                           Email Address
Tagan Berglund
Tonya Carlisle
Matt Debes
Davis Harvey * Department Head
Nick Hammonds
Adam Holley
Jeff Joiner
Jason McDaniel
Grant Myers
Brett O'Buck
Tyler Sands
Sharon Swanson
Josh Thomas