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Mission Statement


  • Mission:
    • Cherokee High School strives to meet the social, emotional, and cognitive needs of all students to prepare them to become productive members of a diverse and ever-changing society. 
  • Vision:
    • CHS consistently implements high academic standards with a goal of empowering all faculty and staff so that each stakeholder takes personal responsibility in developing his/her individual excellence (PRIDE). 
  • Beliefs:
    • Promote the physical, mental, emotional, and aesthetic development of the student through classroom activities, faculty-student interaction, and extracurricular activities. 
    • Advance life-long learning skills of self-direction, critical thinking, responsible technology use and problem solving. 
    • Facilitate the development of decision-making, goal-setting, and a positive self-concept through personal and career counseling throughout the curriculum. 
    • Stress the principles of democracy, responsible citizenship, and an understanding of the rights, property, and opinion of others through unbiased instruction and practice. 
    • Encourage integrity, intellectual development, sportsmanship and ethical behavior through a rigorous program of study and extracurricular activities. 
    • Help the student deal with success and failure in a learning and living environment. 
    • Foster and facilitate the continued professional growth of faculty and staff.